Evan + Christina


- October 25th, 2015 -

Where and When

Our ceremony will be held on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at Memorial Park in Loma Mar, CA. It will start at Eleven Thirty in the morning, rain or shine!

Lunch, Music, Games, and Dancing will follow the ceremony at the nearby Huckleberry Flat Picnic Grove until sundown.

Because one day is not enough to celebrate our love, there are even more opportunities to hang out with us before the wedding! Check the events section to learn more.



(as described by Christina)

Evan makes everything around him better and me a better person by being with him. He’s that type of person that is just innately good (but somehow manages to also have a sarcastic sense of humor, be a cutthroat boardgame player, and a handsome devil to boot). Evan is the kind of guy who you always know without a doubt will be there for you... and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life being there for him.



(as described by Evan)

Christina is the smartest, sweetest, sassiest person I know. She beats me at board games 80% of the time, and even so, I keep coming back for more. She has an infectious way of being happy thoughout life, even when things aren't looking the brightest.

Chistina's lust for life/travel/adventure/food/drink adds a silver lining to my life that I didn't know could be there.

... oh, and she's easy on the eyes too.

Events and Parties

There will be wedding events the whole weekend! Scroll down to learn more!

Friday Night: Karaoke Partaay!

Join us at The Mint Karaoke Lounge in San Francisco at 8:30pm on October 23rd, where we will be singing our joy-filled hearts out. This will be the "big night out" complement to our "Sunday afternoon picnic wedding.

Saturday Night: Rehearsal Dinner

There will be a small dinner at Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay at 5:30pm on October 24th.

Separate invitations were sent via Paperless Post.

Saturday Night: Low-Key Drinks

If you are already in the Half Moon Bay area, join us for low-key drinks at Pasta Moon at 8:30pm on October 24th. We say "low key" because some of us have a thing we have to get up early for the next day...

Sunday: The Ceremony

We are getting married at 11:30am at the Memorial Park Amphitheater in Loma Mar on October 25th. It's a beautiful redwood forest. Please keep in mind that it will take a fair amount of time to get to the venue from San Francisco, so leave early!

Sunday: The Party

Immediatly following the ceremony, we'll head over to the Huckleberry Flat Picnic Area for the festivities! It is about a 2 minute drive (or a 15 minutes hike).

We will have live music, food, drinks, and games! The party goes from 1pm until 5:30pm.

Sunday: The After Party

After the events in Memorial Park, please join us for an After Party back in Half Moon Bay! We will have an open bar from 6pm - 8pm at It's Italia. This party don't stop... until after this final event!

Directions and Parking Pass

You can download your parking pass for Memorial Park and directions here. If you are driving, DO NOT FORGET YOUR PARKING PASS! It is in this same PDF with the directions.


Click on each question to see the answer

What exactly am I supposed to wear to your "rustic forest picnic wedding"?

Everyone should, of course, feel free to wear whatever they think is best... but for those of you hoping for some guidance, please read the advice below:

For ladies, we recommend going for the "garden party" look. If you type the words “what to wear to a garden party” into Google (well at least Google.co.uk) there will be an endless amount of ideas and recommendations. And don’t overthink it! If you love your outfit, so will we.

For gentleman, we’re not too worried about you overthinking it. This is a "special occasion", but is not a "suit and tie" affair. Some options could be black pants and a collared shirt (with suspenders) or khaki pants and a vest.

  • Tip #1 Don’t wear spiked heels (just trust us). If you want to wear heels, go for a wedge.
  • Tip #2 Bring/Wear layers
  • Tip #3 Gentlemen, bonus points if you go for the “Mumford and Sons look” aka the rustic hipster.
  • Tip #4 Ladies: When in doubt, just think "What would Kate Middleton wear?"

So... you guys didn’t send out “traditional” invitations- all I got was this magnet with a website on it- so I don’t know whether or not I get to bring a guest.

As we like to think of ourselves as incredibly welcoming and generous people…everyone invited to the wedding (who was not mailed their invitation as a couple) is welcome to bring a guest as their date. We’d recommend bringing someone that a) you actually like as a person b) does not hate romance and/or nerdy things c) will not be intimidated by all the amazing people coming to this wedding.

Are children invited/allowed at the wedding?

This wedding is 100% a family affair, so children are of course welcome, and there will be lots of activities for them to enjoy at the reception. All we ask is for anyone with very little ones to use their best judgment regarding the ceremony. For example, if your little one is in a stage where there is constant crying, perhaps it is best for them to skip the ceremony and come straight to the reception instead (this rule also applies to adults).

I have a dietary restriction and am concerned I will not be able to eat anything at the wedding and in turn will be miserable the whole time and spend the rest of my days resenting the two of you and your unholy union.

Well, that’s not really a question... BUT, not to worry, we will have enough of a variety of food to meet anyone’s restrictions list. We will have two food vendors and between them there will be gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat-free food options. We can’t guarantee that it’ll be perfect and exactly what you’d order were you at a restaurant…but you definitely won’t go hungry.

I can’t make it to your wedding... will you hate me forever?


Hmmm... of course not! We completely understand that there are so very many factors that often make it too difficult to attend a wedding. If we invited you, it means we’d love for you to come, but it does not mean you are obligated to, so don’t feel badly. All we ask is that you let us know you can’t make it (either through the RSVP or through a call/email) and we hope another opportunity will come in the near future for us to hang out.

I’ve taken a look at your registry and it seems like you haven’t registered for that many items and that instead of a Honeyfund, you’ve opted for a Housefund. What’s up with that?

The glory of getting married in your 30s means that you already actually own most of those “grown-up” items that usually fill up registries. The two of us already own nice plates and wine glasses, heck, we even have a porch swing (pictured below). When putting together our registry, we limited ourselves to things that we actually wanted or needed and that were also of use to both, not just one of us. This didn't leave us with many options. As for the House vs. Honey fund…our 6 months in Europe and our many trips while out there were our honeymoon. Our next big (and incredibly exciting) step as a couple (after this whole wedding business) will be buying a house and thus the Housefund.

Ummmm...aren't you two already married?

Yes! While we were living in Europe we just couldn't wait to get married, and so we eloped! We feel like our wedding has two parts, the first one (the Scottish elopement) was all about romance. The second part (this Bay Area wedding) is focused on celebration and, of course, our friends and family. If you'd like to learn a little more about our elopement, visit www.evanpluschristina.com/elope.


If you are coming from out of town, we recommend staying at the Half Moon Bay Inn (Evan and Christina will be staying there). The Inn is conveniently located on Half Moon Bay's Main Street, and walking distance from Saturday's events. It is also about a 35 minute drive from the ceremony and reception.

If "classy and understated" is not your cup of tea (or you waited too long to make your reservation and it's all booked up), then we suggest searching for hotels/AirBnBs in the Pescadero or Half Moon Bay areas. While the city of San Francisco seems nearby, there is often a lot of traffic on Interstate 280/90 and Route 1. You will probably end up saving a lot of time and stress by staying in either of those areas... and they are really cute!


We cannot wait to see you at our wedding! We promise singing, dancing, drinking, food, and friends... all in a majestic redwood forest!

Please do us (and our stress levels) the great honor of submitting your RSVP by September 1st.

We are registered at www.thankfulregistry.com/evanpluschristina